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The Sunday Sermons are generally recorded each week at St Mark's Community Church. Similar talks on the same theme and passage are given at each of the other Sunday services at both St. Mark's and St. Peter's Church.

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Sun 08th Jan 2023 16:00 St. Mark's Community Church Col 3:9-17 Vision, Leadership Vision 2023 - Developing Gospel Culture Steve Wilcox
Sun 24th Apr 2022 10:00 St. Peter's Church Ephesians 5:1-2,15-20 Leadership Follow, Be Filled & Give Thanks Gordon Prescott
Sun 09th Jan 2022 16:00 St. Mark's Community Church Acts 6:1-7 Leadership Vision 2022 Steve Wilcox
Sun 10th Jan 2021 16:00 St. Mark's Community Church Acts 6:1-7 Leadership, Vision 2021 The Spread of God's Word and the Church Steve Wilcox
Sun 20th Oct 2019 16:00 St. Mark's Community Church 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 Leadership 2020 Vision Steve Wilcox
Sun 21st Oct 2018 16:00 St. Mark's Community Church 1 Peter 2:11-14 Leadership Vision 2019 Steve Wilcox
Sun 08th Oct 2017 15:45 St. Mark's Community Church Luke 9:18-27 Responding to our Generous God, Leadership Gain by Losing: Vision Steve Wilcox
Sun 30th Apr 2017 10:00 United Service Eph 4 Leadership Vision 2017 Steve Wilcox
Sun 10th Apr 2016 15:45 St. Mark's Community Church Hebrews 13:7-21 Leadership Good Leaders Steve Wilcox
Sun 14th Feb 2016 15:45 St. Mark's Community Church Matt 5:13-16 Leadership Vision for the Anlaby Churches Steve Wilcox

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 Equipped: Teaching for Life and Service  Series 
 Truth Hunters  John 5 - 7
 Healthy Churches  1 Timothy
 Songs for the Journey (2020)  Psalms
 Generous  Series on Giving
 Our Praying Life Passages inc. prayers
 We Have Seen His Glory John 4 to 6
 Songs for the Journey Psalm 1, 42 and 62
 Love Life 1 Corinthians 7 to 16
 God's New Community Matthew 14 to 18
 We are His People 1 Peter
 Mission Matters Matthew 9 to 13
 Reformation 500 Gen 12 & Letters
 The Holy Spirit John 4 & 16, Gal 5
 Freedom Exodus 1-15, Psalms
 Identity: One in Christ Ephesians
 Living in Light of Jesus' Return 2 Thessalonians
 The King's Speech Matthew 7-9
 Prayer Matthew
 Joseph Genesis
 Kingdom Values Matthew 5-6
 Leadership Vision & Direction
 Good Questions Answering Popular Questions