Vision & Values

Our Values

The church leadership have recently reviewed the values that guide how we live together as God's people:

Christ-delighted, Bible-saturated, Spirit-led - We love and delight in Christ, guided primarily by the Bible, led and dependent on the Spirit through prayer.

Welcoming to the newcomer, marginalised and needy - We seek to be a place of welcome to all, and of refuge for those in need.

Disciples seeking to make disciples in the power of the Spirit - We strive to grow as and make disciples in God’s strength. Every member of the body has an important role to play.

Kingdom-building and multiplying - We long for multiplication and the growth of God’s kingdom. We seek to be a blessing to the surrounding community, shedding the light of Christ.

Apostolic and globally Anglican - We hold to the teaching of the apostles as it has been received in the Bible, consistent with the majority of Anglicans across the world. 

Living out gospel culture, healthy relationships and leadership - As a community we seek to be authentic, honest, and transparent; to love one another and our neighbour; to work together in teams. We encourage our leaders to be healthy and godly in God’s strength.

Our Vision for 2024


Each year our Church Councils set a vision for the churches. Our vision for 2024 is

'To seek by God’s grace to grow as a prayerful missional community of mutual love, living out the joyful loving life of the Trinity in our relationships with one another and others, flowing out into the wider community.'



We are a Christ-centred community existing to spread a passion for Jesus Christ in the Anlaby Communities and beyond.

We seek to:

MAKE disciples who make disciples – If you think of a vine (John 15): This is the essential growth function of the vine, the cell-division. We want to help people to grow in their knowledge of the transforming grace of God, that they might live for him in every part of their lives, and in turn help others. Matthew 28:18-20; 2 Timothy 2:2.

SEND disciples to bless the Anlaby Communities – As the vine spreads it bears delicious fruit which benefit many. God called out a people that they might be a blessing to the whole world: We love our community and our city, and we long to be a blessing to them. Genesis 12:3; Galatians 6:10.

SUPPORT mission in West Hull and beyond – Think of the vine spreading across a fence, covering the barren surface with life and growth. We seek to work with others to make Jesus Christ known in the Anlaby Communities, in West Hull, and beyond. Matthew 28:18-20; John 3:16.

Listen to more about Our purpose and vision here.