Do you ever ask questions about Love, Life, Death, why we're here... Or about the Christian faith? 

There are lots of resources around to help you think through these questions. 
For example, you can hear answers to lots of Tough Questions that are often asked at the Christianity Explored website.
For a short summary of what Christians believe, check out the video below or on the website


Or read what our vicar Steve writes about our greatest need: Entering and Reflecting God’s love.

Maybe you'd like to talk to someone about your questions? Do get in touch with us. And have you thought about coming to church? We'd love to welcome you.


Essentials is a course of just five short sessions that give an opportunity to ask all your questions and find out what's essential about the Christian faith. Each session involves watching a short video and then discussing what you have seen. The course is free. Courses take place via Zoom or in small groups to provide access as needed. If you'd like to find out more, or to join the next group, please contact

You can get a taster here:


Christianity: Answers & Evidence


Christianity Answers & Evidence was a 6 week series led by one of our church family, looking at the latest scientific and archaeological evidence and asking is there any proof for God, the Bible and Jesus.

The six sessions are:

  • The God Delusion
  • The Problem with Evil
  • God in History
  • Evidence of the New Testament
  • Jesus Outside of the Bible
  • The Reasonable Resurrection

You can find the video playlist of these sessions on our YouTube page.